• Todd Jarrett

    Todd Jarrett Everwise Group is an accomplished professional with a finance and mortgage lending background. He completed his secondary education in his hometown of San Diego County before pursuing higher studies at National University, a private educational institution headquartered in the same city. Established in 1971, National University offers over 120 graduate and undergraduate degree programs across California, Nevada, and online platforms, focusing on innovation and positively impacting students.


    Jarrett studied at National University for three years, from 1981 to 1984, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in banking, corporate finance, and securities law. His extensive knowledge and skills in debt consolidation, management, HELOCs, mortgages, real estate loans, refinancing, reverse mortgages, and specialist loans have earned him recognition from his peers in the industry.


    As a senior mortgage loan officer at Everwise Group, Jarrett is well-versed in helping homeowners access their home equity to consolidate debt, complete home improvements, pay off student loans, and secure cash for emergencies through HELOCs. Additionally, he assists homeowners in converting their property equity into cash through reverse mortgages, where the homeowner receives payments instead of making monthly payments to a lender.


    With years of experience in the field, Jarrett continues to be a valuable asset to Prosperity First Funding as its owner and the mortgage lending industry. His professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction make him a trusted advisor and a sought-after consultant for those seeking financial guidance.